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FAA Nesting Rule

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10/8/2016 AC 70/7460-1L CHG 1

7. Nesting of Lights. Care should be taken to ensure that obstruction lights do not become blocked or "nested" as new antennas, hardware, or appurtenances are added to the top of the structure. If new equipment is added that blocks the obstruction lights visibility, the light fixtures must be relocated and / or raised so that it is not blocked by the new equipment. For example, when new larger cellular antenna panels are fitted to older towers, the obstruction light will need to be raised so that it is not blocked by the larger antenna panels. The widest structure, appurtenance, lighting rod, or antenna that can be placed in front of an obstruction light (excluding the L-810 light) without significantly blocking the obstruction light's visibility should be no wider than 7/8 of an inch. Due to their smaller size L-810 lights should not be blocked by any structure.