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Marker Bracket

E1-230/240VAC Dual Kit

Beacon Bracket

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D2 Stack Kit White

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AO-230/240VAC RTO Kit


E (Medium Intensity Dual Red / White Lighting with Markers

A (Red Lighting)

Universal Bolt

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Dakota Lighting Supply is the exclusive International Distributor for BKON Lighting Systems. BKON controllers are in use with brand name obstruction lighting systems in countries all over the world - USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, France, Greece, and Indonesia - just to name a few. BKON has earned an international reputation as a reliable brand favored by many companies and used in a wide variety of applications. Through our partnership with a long-life, value added LED lighting manufacturer we are proud to offer our customers this quality line.

International Markets

AO-230/240VAC Wind Turbine Kit

E2-230/240VAC Dual Kit

Lighting Kits & Accessories for all FAA Configurations for Cellular, 2-Way Communication, Meteorological, High Tension and TV / Radio Broadband Towers

D (Medium Intensity White Lighting)

D2 230/240VAC Kit

E1 Dual Stack Kit

E2 Dual Stack Kit

Stack Kits

D1 Stack Kit White

D1-230/240VAC Kit

AO-230/240VAC 860 Kit

A2-230/240VAC Kit